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WINE is a 501(c)3

not-for-profit organization dedicated to meeting women in their need, and to nurturing, encouraging, and supporting them on their journey.

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​WINE is a creative and inspired ministry designed to invigorate women's groups and parishes through encouraging, supporting, and nurturing women in the Catholic faith and by equipping and mobilizing women as intentional disciples of Christ.​​

Your LA Wine Specialist

Specializing in Regional WINE Conferences

2018 WINE

Women's Conference in New Orleans


​June 9, 2018 at St. Angela Merici.

2018 WINE & Shrine

​November 5-14, 2018. Join Kelly Wahlquist and Teresa Tomeo on an unforgettable pilgrimage to Italy


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The Healing Eyes of Mercy

Your LA WINE Cluster Quarterly Newsletter

April, 2018

A few words from Karen Sheehy, your LA WINE Specialist
Hello LA women of WINE (Women In the New Evangelization). I hope you enjoyed the Easter Triduum and Divine Mercy Sunday Feast! What a beautiful and special time period in our Liturgical Season. As women evangelizers, how can we not help but get excited during this glorious time of the year. The Lord has risen indeed, alleluia, alleluia!

Without Christ's resurrection, the Gospel message loses all meaning. As Bishop Robert Barron says, "either Christ is the risen Son of God or He is a liar." For Christians, there is no middle ground on this issue. The Church's radical proclamation about Christ's resurrection is real and historically accurate. This news is not merely historical myth, as some would have you believe, but is a historically accurate account backed up by over 500 eye witnesses.

Through Christ's death, we die to sin, but through His glorious resurrection and the power of the Holy Spirit, we rise to eternal life. As women of the new evangelization, we are called to proclaim this good news with boldness and certitude. So again, I say, "Jesus Christ has risen, alleluia, alleluia!"

Spiritually Powerful. An Upward and Inward Gaze Upon the Mysteries of Holy Week. A Women, Wine and Wisdom Event with Sarah Christmyer  By: Karen Sheehy, your LA WINE Specialist.

Through humble testimony, insightful scriptural meditation and personal invitation, Sarah Christmyer guided the Louisiana women of WINE towards the foot of the Cross and quietly asked, "where is your heart this Lenten Season?" Her poignant Scriptural reflections and interweaving of Church tradition invited all participants to ponder and gaze upon the Lord through the eyes of the women mentioned in the Gospel: Mary, the mother of Jesus, her sister (Salome), Mary, the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene. "Heal My Body," she said. "This is the special vocation of women, a vocation exhibited in full by these four women who stood beneath our dying Lord at the foot of the Cross. Which one are you?"

Upcoming LA WINE Cluster Events:

  • June 9th, 2018 WINE Conference: St. Angela Merici Catholic Church in Metairie, LA

 Dedicated to Elise Angelette and Buna's Hope, her non-for-profit benefiting cancer victims and their families. 
Stay tuned for more event and registration details.

  • WINE and Shrine Pilgrimage to Italy with Teresa Tomeo and Kelly Wahlquist, November 5-14, 2018. Visit for more details.