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August, 2018

A few words from Karen Sheehy, your LA WINE Specialist
Hello LA women of WINE (Women In the New Evangelization). I hope you are enjoying this glorious summer season and are filled with the hope and love that was on display at our June 9th Women's Conference!

What has this summer meant to you? What touched your heart at our Hebrews 6:19 inspired Anchor of Hope WINE Conference? With over 330 women in attendance, I am sure the variety of answers to this question would be great indeed. Additionally, I am certain that many would include the palpable healing and sense of hope made available to those who dare to trust in the Lord. After all, as we learned at the Conference, His hope is an anchor for our souls!

That day, while many raised their hands in adoration, others found healing, and tears of joy. While many found companionship, others found quiet inspiration, and a boost of energy for continual service. Below, I have tried to capture a few of those powerful moments.

As a lover of the Lord, I try to evangelize, to share the good news, and demonstrate the life changing impact of God's love in my life. Over the last several years, these efforts have included writing a book and my volunteer efforts as you LA WINE Specialist. During the June 9th Conference, I received a personal message of hope, a wink of sorts from God, as I heard Him say, "You have done well, my daughter! I see your efforts and am well pleased!" That day, I was given the simultaneous privilege of emceeing the Conference and releasing my newly published book and three-year labor of love entitled, The Healing Eyes of Mercy. A Trinity of Love. 

The Healing Eyes of Mercy. A Trinity of Love testifies to the intimate love and transformative touch of the Triune God in my life and in the life of my small family of three. It is a testimony but also an invitation, as it invites you to join our journey, to pray Sacred Scripture, to reflect, and hopefully encounter the loving and intimate gaze of our heavenly Father, friend and beloved Spouse, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.

Thank you in advance for your personal support and support of WINE. I look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming WINE events.

To order or learn more about The Healing Eyes of Mercy. A Trinity of Love, visit Thank you.

Karen Schwaner Sheehy, LA WINE Specialist

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Your LA Wine Specialist

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