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It's important to not only direct others towards the Light of God's Love but also to reflect this love to others! All individual donations and store purchase proceeds will be donated to one of the following causes near and dear to my heart. Be sure to indicate your selection. Thank You! 

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Buy my book, The Healing Eyes of Mercy (Coming Soon), faith related books, prayer cards, rosaries, statues, CDs and DVDs, and other unique items which lead you towards the Light of God's Love! Also available unique gifts for all sacramental occassions. 



(Now Available)

The Healing Eyes of Mercy. A Trinity of Love

by Karen Schwaner Sheehy


Faith Related  Inspirational ​​Books

  • Rwandan Genocide survivors and their families.
  • Haitians recovering from the devastation of natural disasters (Earthquakes and hurricanes). 
  • Persecuted Christians living in the Holy Land. 

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​A Personal Testimony and Spiritual Guide.​

​As a prodigal daughter, who once again embraces the Catholic faith, I have personally experienced the deep yearning and burning desire which eventually draws a soul back towards its Christian roots. Having lived through each event recorded in this riveting story, I now find myself uniquely and passionately positioned to spread the good news of God's mercy to others! In response to God's request, I have humbly offered my "yes" and written this story down. My gift to Him will consist of not only this written testimony of self-sacrificial love, pain, remorse, hope and eventual triumph, but also my steadfast commitment to get this inspirational message out to the many restless and devoted hearts longing for increased intimacy with God! During each stage of this heart wrenching journey, you will experience a full bodied faith discovery process and observe first hand the loving mercy available to every man, women and child created in the very likeness of the Triune God. "Do you choose the Light of God's Love or the empty promises of darkness?" This is the question pondered in my upcoming book coming out in June of 2018. Thank you and God bless.    


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