Destination: Paroisse Saint Benoit in Dessources, Haiti.

Pictured Left: Parishioners of St. Benoit Parish preparing a meal for the Catholic School children. 

Pictured Right: Parishioners, from Mary, Queen of Peace, visiting St. Benoit Parish, to monitor progress and facilitate an ongoing familial bond with their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Date: ​2014

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Help the Franciscan Brother's, Children Without Borders Program, with a target of ensuring the moral and physical empowerment of children, living in the different areas of the Holy Land. By emphasizing the 6 C's of critical thinking, creativity, cooperation, co-existence, commitment and courage, the Franciscan's hope to equip these children with a wider vision, firm will and steadfast faith, as they become the men and women of their age. Please refer to the Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land link below for more details about their Children Without Boarders Program.  

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Destination: Bethlehem, the birthplace of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Located just east of the country of Israel, Bethlehem is on the bank of the Jordan River and is currently under the jurisdiction of the Country of Jordan.


Pictured to the right and above: Christian families and children living in the predominantly Muslim town of Bethlehem.

Help brighten the lives of 5 families, in Kibeho, Rwanda, by improving their shelter, health care access, education and income possibilities. Your dollars go a long way in improving the lives of those in need! Please refer to the Help Rwanda Families ​Facebook page link below for more details and ongoing updates. 

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The Healing Eyes of Mercy

As a spiritual safari guide, Karen realizes the importance of not only directing others towards the light of God's love, but also reflecting this love to those in need! In response, she has formed a non-for-profit organization entitled, The Healing Eyes of Mercy​, in which all business proceeds are donated to one of three charitable causes near and dear to her heart, including the people of Rwanda, Parishioners of St. Benoit Catholic Parish in Haiti, and Christians in the Holy Land. Please see the information below for more details. As a visitor to this website, you may choose from one of these groups for contribution of your purchase proceeds and additional donations. Be sure to make your charitable outreach selection known during the final check out process. Thank you for your support and for decreasing the weight of the cross experienced by others!

Click the picture below to learn more about the Mary, Queen of Peace Haitian Committee. 

  • Persecuted Christians living in the Holy Land. 

Click the picture below to learn more about the Franciscan Children Without Borders Program.

Destination: Cana Pilgrimage Center in Kibeho, Rwanda.

Pictured Above: Karen with 4 out of 6 Rwandan students currently receiving boarding school tuition and assistance. Pictured (left to right): Jean Claude, Claude, Jean Bosco, Karen, Agnes and Teo.

Date: ​July, 2015 

Reflecting the Light of God's Love to others!

  • ​​​​Haitians recovering from the devastating effects of natural disasters  (earthquakes and hurricanes). 

Help improve the life quality of families and parishioners at St. Benoit Catholic Parish in Haiti. All purchase proceeds and donations go to the Mary, Queen of Peace Catholic Church Haitian Fund. Located in Mandeville, LA, Mary, Queen of Peace, the sister parish for St. Benoit, is an active partner in helping St. Benoit to "get back on it's feet" after the devastating impact of many natural disasters, including earthquakes and hurricanes. Ongoing efforts include but are not limited to improving St. Benoit's school and church facilities, educational opportunities, fresh water and healthy meal availability, nearby health care access, and income generation possibilities. Please refer to the Mary, Queen of Peace, Haitian Committee ​link below for more details. 

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Karen Schwaner Sheehy

OR select from one of three designated charities detailed below: Families in Rwanda, Haiti or the Holy Land. Thank you!
  • Rwandan Genocide survivors and their families.

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The Healing Eyes of Mercy (a non-for-profit organization.​

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Donate by check: mail your tax deductible donation (written to The Healing Eyes of Mercy) to 104 Hermitage Pl., Mandeville, LA 70471. Please indicate your selected charity on your check (Rwanda, Haiti or Christians in the Holy Land).