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The Healing Eyes of Mercy (a non-for-profit organization.​

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Karen Schwaner Sheehy, President 

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Karen Schwaner Sheehy

The Healing Eyes of Mercy

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Karen's New Book

​At the heart of every conversion story is the steadfast love of the Triune God. With the patience of a loving Father, God woos the desired, until at long last, His love is accepted. As this loving relationship grows, so does its intimacy, for in Christ we find the perfect Savior, friend and spouse. He is the groom and we, as members of His Body and Church, are His bride. This love, between Father and Son, and Christ and His Church, is the Holy Spirit, for God is relational. He is a Trinity of Love. The Healing Eyes of Mercy tells of one such story. A story about a prodigal daughter in desperate need of love. Surrounded by the damaging affects of infertility, mental illness, loneliness and despair, she eventually finds her heart’s truest desire deep within the Healing Eyes of God’s Mercy.  

God's love!

​​Be sure to check out the accompanying Journal to help you further reflect upon your own faith journey towards the light of God's love!​

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A Trinity of Love by Karen Sheehy

  • ​​"In The Healing Eyes of Mercy. A Trinity of Love, Karen Schwaner Sheehy invites us into her life's journey. In so doing we can walk with her in faith, even in the dark times of life. She shares her experiences of God's compassion, fidelity and mercy. Her story reminds us of God's incredible love and the ways he brings light into our darkness." Most Reverend Gregory M. Aymond, Archbishop of New Orleans

  • "The Healing Eyes of Mercy. A Trinity of Love, ​is a marvelous piece of work! Hopefully, many people reading it will have their eyes opened to "The Eyes of Mercy" in their own lives! God would be so pleased to usher them into His Bountiful Love!"  Paulette Renaudin, Magnificat Ministries

  • "One of the most inspirational book manuscripts I've ever been given the privilege to read. This book is going to touch the heart and souls of many, and I dare say, they will never be the same!" Paige Rosato, WINE (Women In the New Evangelization)
  • "This book highlights the strength found in God as a way of getting through the difficult trials of life and the importance of sharing our faith and hope in God with our friends and community."  Kitty Cleveland, Catholic writer, story teller and vocalist (
  • “Karen Schwaner Sheehy is a modern-day mystic. Her own profound journey into the heart of the Trinity, as told through her beautiful book, The Healing Eyes of Mercy: A Trinity of Love, will give readers confident hope that God can and will transform us if we say yes to his grace.” Judy Klein, Catholic author, speaker, theologian and found of Memorare Ministries
  • ​"Such a powerful story! I found myself translating this family's words and experiences into my own life and spiritual development. I love the message about Jesus waiting patiently for us to find Him. This book gives me hope as I strive to move out of the "gray" and into the Light of God's Love! Rhonda Simmons, wife, mother and lawyer.
  • "A story of persistence, of never completely giving into the darkness, and through the grace of God, learning that faith is salvation, for although we seldom understand God's plan, faith gives us the courage to never doubt that He has one, and the joy of knowing that when we go home to Him, all the answers will be there for us!" "A moving experience! A true witness to the value of self-sacrificial love and suffering for the sake of others. I now understand the need to be more faithful, and the importance of turning things over to God, especially in regards to my son's struggles and our family life as a whole."  Kim Callais, wife, mother and office manager
  • ​"This spiritual journey will be of value to the many wives and mothers who read it. I think this story will appeal to a broad range of women since we can all relate to the struggles and sufferings that come with the redemption of not only our own souls, but those of our family's as well. Most importantly though, this courageous testimony will provide relief and guidance for those suffering families who are dealing with the issues not so freely spoken about, namely mental illness, infertility, its treatment and the raising of a special needs child."  Tricia Bollinger, wife, mother and lawyer.

Now Available!

Do you desire an intimate and transformative relationship with the Trinity of Love? Father, Son and Holy Spirit, each desires an intimate and freely given relationship with your soul. Do you choose love or bitterness, joy or pain, light or darkness? These are the questions pondered and presented in The Healing Eyes of Mercy, a true story account about a modern-day family of three on a miraculous journey towards the light of God’s love. Throughout this story, you will encounter many invaluable tools which warm the heart and guide the soul, including prayer, sacred devotionals, reflective questions, and scripture meditations. Caught up in this family’s heartbreak and ultimate triumph, you too will experience a visceral, full bodied, faith discovery process and see firsthand the redemptive mercy available to every man, woman and child made in the image of God.

 ​As a prodigal daughter, who once again embraces the Catholic faith, I have personally experienced the deep yearning and burning desire which eventually draws a soul back towards its Christian roots. Having lived through each event recorded in this riveting story, I now find myself uniquely and passionately positioned to spread the good news of God's mercy to others! In response to God's request, I have humbly offered my "yes" and wrote this story down. My gift to Him will consist of not only this written testimony of self-sacrificial love, pain, remorse, hope and eventual triumph, but also my steadfast commitment to get this inspirational message out to the many restless and devoted hearts longing for increased intimacy with God! During each stage of this heart wrenching journey, you will experience a full bodied faith discovery process and observe first hand the loving mercy available to every man, women and child created in the likeness of the Triune God. "Do you choose the light of God's love or the empty promises of darkness?" This is the question pondered in The Healing Eyes of Mercy. A Trinity of Love. NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!

"This book highlights the strength found in God as a way of getting through the difficult trials of life and the importance of sharing our faith and hope in God with our friends and community."        Kitty Cleveland, Catholic writer, story teller and vocalist (

The Healing Eyes of Mercy