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The Healing Eyes of Mercy (a non-for-profit organization.​

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Karen Schwaner Sheehy, President 

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Karen Schwaner Sheehy

The Healing Eyes of Mercy

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A weekly blog or "virtual" pilgrimage, in search of the Healing Eyes of Mercy, No passport needed!

​​Join us on a weekly, 3 minute "virtual" pilgrimage in search of the Healing Eyes of Mercy, as we explore spiritual themes and Holy Sites from around the world! New entries posted each Friday at 3:00 p.m. in anticipation of the hour of God's Great Mercy!

The Healing Eyes of Mercy.

A Journey Towards the Light of God's Love.​  

By: Karen Schwaner Sheehy

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Thank you for joining us, on this "virtual" pilgrimage, as we explore the many spiritual themes and Holy Sites which help to illuminate our pathway forward, towards the Healing Embrace of Mercy. Throughout this journey, you will find many spiritual tools which will warm your heart and guide your soul, including Scripture meditations, prayers, sacred devotionals, and seven concrete steps towards the Healing Eyes of Mercy. Weekly "virtual" pilgrimages or blog posts, coinciding with each of the 40 chapters found in Karen's new book, The Healing Eyes of Mercy. A Journey Towards the Light of God's Love, will publish on Fridays at 3:00 p.m., coinciding with the hour of mercy. To learn more about Karen's upcoming book, please see below or click the "learn more" for additional information. Register below to receive email notifications about new blog posts. Thank you for joining us and I hope you enjoy our weekly journey towards the Healing Eyes of Mercy! 

A modern day love story or epic battle of sorts, presented through the eyes of a wife and mother who eventually said yes to God, is a riveting, true story account about a family three on a miraculous journey towards the Light of God's Love. Pummeled by the damaging effects of infertility, mental illness, loneliness, despair, corporate greed, emptiness and societal rejection, the despondent mother eventually places her trust in God and subsequently finds the courage and determination to unify the family and support her defiant teen's restless heart. During each stage of this heart wrenching journey, readers observe, first hand, the collision of physical and spiritual realities as they are forced to ponder the age old question, "Do they choose the Light of God's Love or the empty promises of darkness?"Along the way, they encounter many invaluable tools to warm the heart and guide the soul, including prayer, sacred devotionals, the sacraments, Scripture mediations, service to others, spiritual pilgrimages and seven concrete steps towards God's Loving Embrace.  Presented in a unique novel format, this compelling story inspires, informs, takes readers on a visceral, full bodied faith discovery process, and provides answers for those individuals yearning for increased intimacy with God. 

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