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The Healing Eyes of Mercy (a non-for-profit organization.​

104 Hermitage Pl., Mandeville, LA 70471


Karen Schwaner Sheehy, President 

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Karen Schwaner Sheehy

The Healing Eyes of Mercy

Safari Guide​
  • Rwandan Genocide survivors and their families.
  • Haitians recovering from the devastating effects of natural disasters (Earthquakes and hurricanes). 
  • Persecuted Christians living in the Holy Land. 

Directing you towards the Light of God's Love! Be inspired! Buy my book! Enhance your prayer life! Go on a "virtual' pilgrimage! Help others in need! Discover a spiritual pathway forward! Get answers to your faith related questions!

Come along on a 3 minute "virtual" pilgrimage, in search of the Healing Eyes of Mercy, as we explore spiritual themes 


Karen Sheehy

A devout Catholic, motivational speaker, author, blogger and developer of, your passport to a world of spiritual inspiration and understanding! includes a weekly "virtual" pilgrimage blog, uplifting and informative reading materials

The Healing Eyes

of Mercy

A "virtual" pilgrimage, in search of the Healing Eyes of Mercy, No passport needed!

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Charitable Outreach


Daily Scripture readings, holy days, saints of the day, and other resources leading you towards the Light of God's love.

SPOTLIGHT EVENT: WINE (Women in the New Evangelization) Catholic Woman's Conference 

New Orleans (October 15, 2016)

multiple charitable outreach opportunities, an on-line store with inspirational books, prayer cards, devotionals and other related items, a list of upcoming events, and an outlet for your faith related comments and questions. To learn more, contact Karen or arrange a presentation in your area, please utilize the form at the bottom of this page or click the link below.

The Healing Eyes of Mercy! A Journey Towards the Light of God's Love! Written by: Karen Schwaner Sheehy

A Weekly Blog. ​Your Virtual Pilgrimage. 

(Published each Friday in anticipation of the 3:00 p.m. hour of mercy)   

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Inspirational Books and Devotionals

Buy my book, The Healing Eyes of Mercy, and other faith related books, prayer cards, rosaries, statues, CDs and DVDs, which lead you towards the Light of God's Love! Choose from one of three charitable outreach efforts for the donation of all purchase proceeds.

​​​SPOTLIGHT ITEM (Coming Soon)

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It's important to not only direct others towards the Light of God's Love but also to reflect this love to others! Please review the following charitable outreach efforts for all individual donations and purchase proceeds. Thank You! 

Contact Your Spiritual Safari Guide


104 Hermitage Pl., Mandeville, LA 70471 (985)249-9258.

​​Daily Mediations and Other Resources           


 and Holy Sites from around the world! New entries posted each Fridays in anticipation of the 3:00 p.m. hour of God's Great Mercy!

A Personal Testimony and Spiritual Guide.

This contemporary presentation of Mel Gibson's Passion which takes readers on a mystical journey or spiritual quest in search of the Healing Eyes of Mercy! Presented in a unique novel format, this modern day love story or epic battle of sorts, told through the eyes of a wife and mother who eventually said yes to God, is a riveting, true story account about a family of three, brought together through an unchosen path of pain, and their miraculous journey towards the Light of God's Love. Caught up in this family's heartbreak and ultimate triumph, readers experience a visceral, full bodied faith discovery process as they observe, firsthand, the redemptive mercy available to each man, woman and child created in God's likeness. Throughout this journey, are many invaluable tools and demonstrations to warm the heart, guide the soul and strengthen the faithful believer, including prayer, scripture meditations, sacred devotionals, the sacraments, service to others and seven concrete steps towards God's intimate embrace.    

The Healing Eyes of Mercy! 

A Journey Towards the Light of God's Love!

Written by: Karen Schwaner Sheehy

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