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The Healing Eyes of Mercy (a non-for-profit organization.​

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Karen Schwaner Sheehy, President 

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A non-for-profit company​

Karen Schwaner Sheehy

The Healing Eyes of Mercy

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Directing you towards the Light of God's Love! 

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Karen's new book, The Healing Eyes of Mercy. A Trinity of Love, which details her miraculous journey toward the light of God's love, is now available for sale! To learn more or purchase your own copy, please continue reading below or click on the "Karen's Book" link below. To contact Karen or arrange a presentation in your area, please utilize the form at the bottom of this page. Thank you for visiting this website and have a blessed day. . 

Come along on a 3 minute "virtual" pilgrimage, in search of the Healing Eyes of Mercy, as we explore spiritual themes 

A "virtual" pilgrimage, in search of the Healing Eyes of Mercy, No passport needed!

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                                                                   includes a monthly "virtual" pilgrimage blog, uplifting and informative reading materials, multiple charitable outreach opportunities, an on-line store with inspirational books, prayer cards, devotionals and other related items, a list of upcoming events, and an outlet for your faith related comments and questions. Thank you.

It's important to not only direct others towards the Light of God's Love but also to reflect this love to others! Please review the following charitable outreach efforts for all individual donations and purchase proceeds. Thank You! 

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104 Hermitage Pl., Mandeville, LA 70471 (985)249-9258.

Charitable Outreach

Do you desire an intimate and transformative relationship with the Trinity of Love? Father, Son and Holy Spirit, each desires an intimate and freely given relationship with your soul. Do you choose love or bitterness, joy or pain, light or darkness? These are the questions pondered and presented in The Healing Eyes of Mercy, a true story account about a modern-day family of three on a miraculous journey towards the light 

At the heart of every conversion story is the steadfast love of the Triune God. With the patience of a loving Father, God woos the desired, until at long last, His love is accepted. As this loving relationship grows, so does its intimacy, for in Christ we find the perfect Savior, friend and spouse. He is the groom and we, as members of His Body and Church, are His bride. This love, between Father and Son, and Christ and His Church, is the Holy Spirit, for God is relational. He is a Trinity of Love. The Healing Eyes of Mercy tells of one such story. A story about a prodigal daughter in desperate need of love. Surrounded by the damaging affects of infertility, mental illness, loneliness and despair, she eventually finds her heart’s truest desire deep within the Healing Eyes of God’s Mercy.  ​

Online Store

and Holy Sites from around the world! New entries posted on Fridays at the 3:00 p.m. hour of God's Great Mercy!

of God’s love. Throughout this story, you will encounter many invaluable tools which warm the heart and guide the soul, including prayer, sacred devotionals, reflective questions, and scripture meditations. Caught up in this family’s heartbreak and ultimate triumph, you too will experience a visceral, full bodied, faith discovery process and see firsthand the redemptive mercy available to every man, woman and child made in the image of God.

Check out our event listing to learn more about the inspirational encounters available to you locally and throughout the world!​         ​​

                         ​         Your Virtual Pilgrimage. 

(Published Friday at the 3:00 p.m. hour of mercy)   

​"In The Healing Eyes of Mercy. A Trinity of Love, Karen Schwaner Sheehy invites us into her life's journey. In so doing we can walk with her in faith, even in the dark times of life. She shares her experiences of God's compassion, fidelity and mercy. Her story reminds us of God's incredible love and the ways he brings light into our darkness." Most Reverend Gregory M. Aymond, Archbishop of New Orleans

  • Rwandan Genocide survivors and their families.
  • Haitians recovering from the devastating effects of natural disasters (Earthquakes and hurricanes). 
  • Persecuted Christians living in the Holy Land. 

Karen is a devout Catholic, wife and mother, president of a non-for-profit company, motivational speaker, author, blogger and developer of, your passport to spiritual inspiration and understanding! Karen is currently pursuing a Masters in Theology and certification as a spiritual director. 


Daily Scripture readings, holy days, saints of the day, and other resources leading you towards the Light of God's love.

A Monthly Blog.

The Healing Eyes of Mercy! A Trinity of Loveby Karen Schwaner Sheehy

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